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Get Rewarded For What you know.

The New York Corporate Whistleblower Center wants to hear from individuals in the state of New York  if they possess very specific and provable information related to the following areas: Medicare fraud involving healthcare providers, any type of contractor overbilling or defrauding the Federal Government or the State of New York .

Reward Information
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Important Note:

If you have significant proof of corporate shareholder fraud, Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, major corporate tax fraud or over-billing a federal or state agency, call the New York Corporate Whistleblower Center today at ​866-714-6466.  
If you go public with your information, you may have eliminated the possibility for a reward or you have just put yourself at risk.

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New York Corporate Whistleblower Center Initiatives

The New York Corporate Whistleblower Center is a statewide initiative that is focused on helping whistle blowers step forward to report corporate fraud, whistleblowerwaste or abuse and hopefully assisting them get rewarded for their information. The corporate fraud or abuse typically relates to the following:


✓  Nursing Homes, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Rehab Centers, Hospice Providers, or Dialysis Centers over-billing Medicare/Medicaid for services never rendered

  Defense Contractors overbilling the Department of Defense at Fort Drum, Naval Support Unit, Saratoga Springs, or any other US Military installation in New York.

  Hospitals, pharmaceutical, medical device bribing physicians in violation of the Stark Law.

  An environmental contractor over-billing the federal or state government for work at environmental cleanup sites or Superfund sites anywhere in the state of New York .

  Food contractors or distributors over-billing the state of New York or Federal Agencies for inferior food products or services for schools, prisons, or social service programs. 

  A company falsely claiming to be a minority or woman owned business to unfairly obtain a competitive advantage in the federal or state bidding process.

✓  A Commercial or Residential Construction Company or a Road/Highway Contractor paying their undocumented workers cash as opposed to paying/withholding the required federal taxes on the worker. 


To be successful the whistle blower must possess substantial proof of the wrongdoing, and the wrongdoing must exceed one millions dollars in over billing, or fraud. The New York Corporate Whistle Blower initiative is devoted to helping insiders or employees step forward with valuable information about corporate wrong doing, fraud, abuse or dishonesty. Our goal is honesty, fairness and integrity on the part of Corporate America. We are also experts at taxpayer fraud, Wall Street fraud, and employee wage and hour abuse.

The Corporate Whistleblower Center primary goal is to see to it that whistle-blowers with substantial proof of wrong doing get rewarded for their information, provided the whistle blowers information is original, and not previously disclosed, and provided the over billing, or fraud is over one million dollars. If a whistle blower can prove their employer, or a contractor is defrauding the state federal government, or corporate shareholders we will help the whistle blower package their information, and we will find the absolute best national caliber whistle blower attorneys to help them advance the claim. No other group in the world offers a service like this.