08718f11ac52975dc5ce46c0d1ab09bc.wix_mp_srz_340_385_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Healthcare, Hospital, & Nursing Home Whistle Blowers

There may be a substantial reward for healthcare workers, hospital/nursing home employees, pharmaceutical reps, or medical device makers, who have specific information about Medicare, or Medicaid over billing, or fraud. The Corporate Whistle Blower Center says, “it may be Medicare/Medicaid up-coding, or bundling, it may be out of control medical practice groups, like cardiologists, or radiologists, it may be a drug supplier with a kick back program to doctors, or hospitals. If you can prove it, and it is large scale, you might get rich.” The laws that govern Medicare fraud are called Qui Tam. Our Healthcare Fraud Initiative includes:

  • Any insider at a medical device maker, or physician that has specific proof a medical device was defective, the company knew the device was defective, and they continued to sell it anyway.
  • Any insider at a pharmaceutical company, or physician who has possesses specific proof a drug, or pharmaceutical product was defective, or harmful, the drug maker knew about the defect, and they continued to sell the product anyway.
  • Any ER doctor, or hospital administrator with proof their facility is needlessly admitting Medicare patients, for no other reason than to bill Medicare for needless tests, or medical procedures