bd5d4c4a9bf89862ceb7073801d6bd62.wix_mp_srz_290_355_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Corporate waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption is today as a big a problem as it has ever been. While  Enron may seem like ancient history; for many of this nation’s public companies its “business as usual”. Business as usual means corporate fraud related to earnings, huge liabilities that go unreported, executive behavior that would enrage investors, and out right fraud in the reporting of the companies true financial picture to the shareholders. New laws make it possible for insiders with fresh, and significant proof of corporate fraud to get rewarded for their information.  If you are a corporate insider, an analyst, or if you are or a former employee with specific information related to:

  • Corporate fraud in the reporting of quarterly profits, or liabilities
  • Corporate fraud in reporting costs/expenses/corruption
  • Corporate waste and or mismanagement that has been unreported to the shareholders
  •  Corporate tax fraud
  • Corporate wage and hour abuse of its employees.

Please be a hero and contact us. Tell us what you know or what proof you have. Corporate waste, fraud and abuse puts at risk all of us.  If you have specific information about any type of corporate fraud please goes to our Whistle Blower complaint page.